If you want to buy a copy of my new book…

Please use the contact form on the books page to order copies of ‘What Are You Like?“. The book was published on 23 February 2018 by Orange Socks Press.

Over 80 tried and tested poems that Bernard regularly uses in primary schools for poetry performances and workshops. Collected together from four books and several anthologies, together with some previously unpublished. Funny, catchy, uplifting, foot tapping, hand clapping, in lots of verse forms and lengths. Something for everyone.

ISBN 978-1-9999173-0-2   Price £5.99 (+£1.80 P&P UK)

What Are You Like? New Book with over 80 Poems for Children

I will be launching my new book of poems for children on Saturday 24th February at the Between The Lines Festival in Sheffield. I will also be doing 2 performances and workshops for families, so if you are in the Sheffield area, please come along.

The new book is titled “What Are You Like?” after the poem below. To order a copy send a message on the form on the books page.

What Are You Like?

I’m like hey
She’s like whoa
He’s like ah
I’m like ho

She’s like ha
He’s like er
I’m like really?
She’s like yeah

He’s like eek
I’m like shh
She’s like um
He’s like ugh

I’m like Mmm
She’s like eh?
He’s like oh
I’m like yay

Anthology update


We’ve been doing some updating of the website, and as part of that a new page has been added with a few of the more recent anthologies that my poems have appeared in. The new page is here. Generally poets get a one-off fee for a poem to appear in a collection such as these, and the books reference the person who selected the collection, as there is no editing involved. My work has appeared in a lot more than that list, but that gives a flavour, and there’s no point in pointing to books that are no longer easy to get hold of.

Not for children: New Book “Outside Looking In”

Image of front cover of book "Outside Looking In" by Bernard Young

My latest book is now available to buy online from Lulu. It is £13.95 plus postage (which in the UK is £2.99 for one copy, but check the site for confirmation). This is not a book aimed at children. There are 61 pages of beautiful images and words about life, relationships, growing old, dreams, loss and love. There is a full preview available online if you can see the preview button to press.  Hope you like it and do tell your friends.  Christmas is coming…

National Poetry Day 4th October 2012

An enthusiastic poet in the classroom has a tremendous effect, inspiring children and teachers to write and read poetry long after the poet has left. Have you planned what you are doing for National Poetry Day this year?

Bernard Young performing at Filey Primary School

World Book Day 1 March 2012

I had a brilliant day in Chester at Oldfield Primary School who invited me to work with them on a special poetry day for World Book Day. After a very early start and long drive the warm welcome I received was, itself, welcome.

I saw lots of Wallys and discovered that Snow White teaches there. The staff (as you’ll see from the photo) were a colourful crowd and the kids were equally impressive.

They were great to perform to and the workshops produced some wonderful work which was shared at the end of the day.

James Read (y4 I think) wrote a poem in my honour. Although modesty forbids me from publishing the whole thing it ends like this…

Read his poems on Friday and you’ll be glad.

Read his poems on Saturday, then repeat them to your dad.

Read them on Sunday and you won’t feel low.

Then rush around and tell everyone you know

Bernard Young, Bernard Young

He writes great poems, does Bernard Young