New Book – A ‘How To’ for Teachers and Librarians

The Poetry Guide by Trevor Millum and Bernard Young Book Cover

I am pleased to share here that I have a new book, written with my good pal and Double Talk partner, Trevor Millum, illustrated by Twink Addison.

The Poetry Guide – A ‘How To’ for Teachers and Librarians.

This lively guide is packed with practical suggestions for teachers and librarians on how to effectively and creatively teach poetry to kids. It’s also a ‘how to’ book aimed at encouraging children to seek out and read poetry, whether to read or to listen to.

The Poetry Guide is both practical and fun. It’s also full of tried and tested ideas from a ‘double act’ of poets with a wealth of experience in delivering inspiring workshops and events to a wide range of children in a variety of contexts.

To find out more and order multiple copies, please have a look at the page about the book on Troika Books’ website: The book is also available from Amazon.

The Poetry Guide –
A How To Guide for Teachers and Librarians
Written by Trevor Millum and Bernard Young
Illustrated by Twink Addison
Publication date: October 2020
Ages: 7+ years
Format: Paperback / 198 x 130 mm / 96 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912745-09-8
Rights available: World
UK retail price: £8.99

Was Neil Armstrong really the first person to walk on the moon?

Moon and clouds decorative

On 20th July 2019 it will be the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin landing on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon on 20th July 1969. However, I have a tale to tell of the first woman on the moon ten years earlier.

The First Woman on the Moon

Little known fact:
the first woman on the moon
was Mabel Greensmith.

She went up there in a dream
in 1959
and when she woke up
she knew her dream was true.

Mabel was my Mum’s best friend
so, of course, she told my Mum
all about going to the moon
and my Mum told me.
And then we all forgot about it.

However, ten years later, in 1969,
when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
(‘one giant leap for mankind’)
it was regarded as a big deal.

But he went up in a proper rocket
and had to wear a spacesuit
whereas Mabel did her moon walking
wearing only a pair of slippers
and a flannelette nightie,
and with her hair in rollers.

If Mabel had been in the papers
and on TV
it would have been great
but she wasn’t one for a lot of fuss
and continued to live quietly
as one of us.

Though it’s a shame she didn’t leave a slipper
or one of her rollers up there
for Neil Armstrong to discover.
That really would have put the earth cat
among the moon pigeons.

This poem appears in Moonstruck edited by Roger Stevens recently published by Otter-Barry Books.

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Cover Image of Moonstruck

New Anthology of Poems About Space – Spaced Out!

I’m pleased to have 2 poems in this book that is to be published on 16th May –
Spaced Out: Space poems chosen by Brian Moses and James Carter from Bloomsbury Education.

“Blast off into space and explore the galaxies with a constellation of illustrated poems about the sun, moon and stars, black holes and worm holes, asteroids and meteorites, and even weird alien life forms.

From shape poems and free verse to rhymes, kennings and haikus, Spaced Out will take you on an intergalactic adventure. Join Brian Moses and James Carter and a wealth of new and established poets to discover your inner space cadet!

This starry collection is the perfect way to get children interested in poetry.”

See on Bloomsbury

If you want to buy a copy of my new book…

Please use the contact form on the books page to order copies of ‘What Are You Like?“. The book was published on 23 February 2018 by Orange Socks Press.

Over 80 tried and tested poems that Bernard regularly uses in primary schools for poetry performances and workshops. Collected together from four books and several anthologies, together with some previously unpublished. Funny, catchy, uplifting, foot tapping, hand clapping, in lots of verse forms and lengths. Something for everyone.

ISBN 978-1-9999173-0-2   Price £5.99 (+£1.80 P&P UK)

Announcing New Children’s Poetry Book Available Soon – Release Date 23rd February

Promotion of 'What Are You Like?' Poetry by Bernard Young
I am delighted to announce that I have a new children’s poetry book coming out soon. “What Are You Like?” will be available from 23rd February, ready to show the world on World Book Day (1st March). We’ve just had a proof copy and it’s looking great.

What Are You Like?” has over 80 tried and tested poems that I regularly use in primary schools for poetry performances and workshops. Collected together from four books, several anthologies, together with some that haven’t been previously published. Funny, catchy, foot tapping, hand clapping, uplifting, lots of formats and lengths, something for everyone.

There’s a sneak preview sample below. If you want to pre-order a copy to be sent as soon as they are available, please contact me for details.

Anthology update


We’ve been doing some updating of the website, and as part of that a new page has been added with a few of the more recent anthologies that my poems have appeared in. The new page is here. Generally poets get a one-off fee for a poem to appear in a collection such as these, and the books reference the person who selected the collection, as there is no editing involved. My work has appeared in a lot more than that list, but that gives a flavour, and there’s no point in pointing to books that are no longer easy to get hold of.

Easter is over! When you go back to school, teacher, watch out!


Teacher, Watch Out!

If I stare at you
You’ll develop a twitch

If I ignore you
You’ll start to itch

If I look through you
You’ll not be heard

If I watch your lips
You’ll muddle your words

If I close one eye
You’ll feel unsure

If I close two
You’ll disappear

So watch it!

If you set homework
I’ll shut my eyes

And you’ll be in
For a big surprise

You’ll see!

This poem appears in Wanted Alive by Bernard Young.

Brilliant! now an ebook

Cover picture cartoon images of a happy boy

“Brilliant!”, one of my popular children’s poetry books, first published in 2000, is now available as an ebook for those of you lucky enough to have an ereader. Buy now from Lulu (button below) and now available on iTunes.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Not for children: New Book “Outside Looking In”

Image of front cover of book "Outside Looking In" by Bernard Young

My latest book is now available to buy online from Lulu. It is £13.95 plus postage (which in the UK is £2.99 for one copy, but check the site for confirmation). This is not a book aimed at children. There are 61 pages of beautiful images and words about life, relationships, growing old, dreams, loss and love. There is a full preview available online if you can see the preview button to press.  Hope you like it and do tell your friends.  Christmas is coming…