Anthology update


We’ve been doing some updating of the website, and as part of that a new page has been added with a few of the more recent anthologies that my poems have appeared in. The new page is here. Generally poets get a one-off fee for a poem to appear in a collection such as these, and the books reference the person who selected the collection, as there is no editing involved. My work has appeared in a lot more than that list, but that gives a flavour, and there’s no point in pointing to books that are no longer easy to get hold of.

Brilliant! now an ebook

Cover picture cartoon images of a happy boy

“Brilliant!”, one of my popular children’s poetry books, first published in 2000, is now available as an ebook for those of you lucky enough to have an ereader. Buy now from Lulu (button below) and now available on iTunes.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

A brilliant present

Image of cover of calendar

12 Poems from “Brilliant” by Bernard Young now available as a calendar from Red Bubble.  A perfect gift. Calendars are printed to order and can be started at any month £20.88 plus postage.

Buy ‘Absent’ on a Card

You can now buy postcards or greetings cards with the poem ‘Absent’ from my book ‘Brilliant’. These can be ordered from my RedBubble site. Buy here.

Text of Absent poem on an image