Below is a list with a few of the anthologies that my poems have appeared in. I’ve selected those that are more popular and hopefully still currently in print. Generally poets get a one-off fee for a poem to appear in a collection such as these, and the books reference the person who selected the collection, as there is no editing involved. You should be able to find any of the titles below in online stores. If you want any of my own books they are listed separately on the Books page.

A First Poetry Book [Paperback] Chosen by Pie Corbett and Gaby Morgan, MacMillan (2012)
Excuses, Excuses [Paperback] Chosen by John Foster, Oxford (2009)
The Poetry Store [Paperback] Compiled by Paul Cookson, Hodder Children’s Books (2005)
Best of Enemies, Best of Friends [Paperback] Compiled by Brian Moses, Wayland (2011)
The Primary Teachers Guide to Writing [Paperback] by Eileen Jones, Scholastic (2013)
Football Fever [Paperback] Chosen by John Foster, OUP Oxford (2010)
The Works: Every Kind of Poem You Will Ever Need at School [Paperback] Chosen by Paul Cookson, Macmillan (2010)
Essential Anthology: Creativity and Imagination Teacher’s Book (KS3 English 2014) [Paperback] Compiled by Jane Branson et al, Oxford (2014)
A Million Brilliant Poems: Pt. 1: A Collection of the Very Best Children’s Poetry Today [Paperback] Chosen by Roger Stevens, A & C Black (2010)

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