I have my own YouTube channel, please subscribe.  Here are a selection of my popular videos:

Some videos taken on school visits posted by others

One from the archives (not on my channel) – Absent

3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I am glad that I have an opportunity to send this message to you. You are really a brilliant poet. Your poems give kids a lot of good reading materials and fun. I am studying your poem about spaceship shop. If you are free, would you mind to share about your ideas about writing this poem? Thanks.
    A teacher from Hong Kong.


    1. Thanks for your very complimentary message about my poems.

      I can’t remember much about writing Spaceship Shop. I think I’d been asked to write some space poems for children and that the poem was triggered when I got the idea that there could be a shop selling space items. I liked the sound of ‘spaceship shop’ with the alliteration of ‘sh’ in ship and shop. The poem grew out of playing with sounds and words and rhymes such as rock it/lock it/stop it. Children seem to like the idea of a space shop and I know they enjoy the rhyme, rhythm and sounds that occur when the poem is read aloud. It’s been published in a few books and it’s very pleasing to know that it’s being enjoyed in Hong Kong.

      Thanks very much for contacting me. Hope the above is of interest.

      Best wishes,


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