I’ve visited hundreds of schools (loads even ask me back year after year!) and never tire of kicking off the school day with a performance (often to the whole school – Reception & Infants at the front and those grown-up Year 6 at the back, and all those bigger people on the chairs at the side) and then spending the rest of the day leading poetry workshops.

I’ve been to Arkengarthdale, Beverley, Birmingham, Bridlington, Bristol, Coventry, Darlington, Durham, Goole, Hipswell,  Hull ….Knaresborough, Manchester, Northallerton….Richmond, Ruswarp….Scarborough, Skipton, Stockport, Thirsk….right through the alphabet to Warrington, Whitby and York. (Nowhere beginning with a Z…..yet!).

What I can do:

Performances for all ages lasting 30–40 minutes – mostly KS1, 2, 3 and family sessions. These can be for the whole school or smaller groups. Plenty of audience participation. (Guitar playing included at no extra cost!).

Workshops for all ages. I fit in with the school’s requirements. In some schools I spend a day with one class & in others visit as many classrooms as required. Usually I give writing ideas/models while we’re all together so that teachers & pupils can begin work as soon as they’re back in the classroom.

A visit often ends with everyone back together to hear the new poems.

Contact me:

If you want to book a performance or workshop, please email or ring to check cost and availability.

Email: bernardyoungpoet@btinternet.com
Mob: 07907 050319

Listen to Bernard performing “Traffic Jam”

Listen to Bernard performing “Explode”

Bernard Young is in a staffroom.
Waiting. He’s got his first mug of tea.
And a chocolate biscuit.

(So it’s going to be a good day.
Even though it’s Monday).

KS1 are already filing into the hall.
Very quietly. The staffroom door is open
and some of them see Bernard Young
sitting with his mug of tea.

He’s wondering whether to wave. But doesn’t.
He decides a smile is more appropriate.
He knows that soon the Head
will pop her head round
and say, ‘We’re ready for you.’

And he’s ready too.

He’s got his books.
He’s got his guitar.

Rows and rows of children.
Expectant faces.
The Head begins her introduction.

He’s glad he’s got his guitar.

One thought on “School Visits

  1. Hi bernard its me from Sidmouth Primary school, Im really a computer genius,so dont mention it that i spoke to you, oh and also you inspired me to learn to play giutar so ive started learning 🙂

    (I was the child sitting next to you with the glasses)


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