a group of apples
Image credit: Apple Gala Golden Delicious Jonathon Orchard CC-BY Jackson’s Orchard https://flic.kr/p/s6RjYb

As it’s Apple Day, I’ve had apples on my mind. Apple Day (21 October every year) was launched by Common Ground in 1990 to celebrate the wide variety of apples and to contemplate the risks of losing the diversity of this wonderful fruit. Apples feature richly in our culture from the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden to the temptation to buy the latest smartphone. These are my thoughts in poetry form.

Apple Thoughts On Apple Day

Lots of people
love apples.

We’re tempted by the shiny skin
and the lively taste
that lies within.

And we adore the humble apple
in crumbles
and in pies.

When I see an innocent apple
hanging from a tree
I make a wish that no mishap’ll
befall him.

In my day,
when young people
wanted to experiment with alcohol
they opted for cider.

Do they still?

As a teenage kid
I never did.
I preferred beer.

I’m picturing a billionaire businessman
in a shiny green appleskin suit
sitting behind a desk
in the Big Apple,
apple juice running down his chin
as he bites into a big red one.

The Beatles christened
their company and record label Apple.
I remember ‘Hey Jude’
revolving on the turntable
and watching the Apple logo
go round and round.

Tasty song.

Apple Day,
by the way,
is nothing to do with computers.

I guess
some people
whose livelihood/ business
is apples

are obsessed
with them?

Is it bonkers
to be bananas
about apples?

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