Inside cover of new notebook with words A notebook is indispensible copyright Bernard Young

In honour of National Stationery Week, I’m sharing a poem and picture that I used on Blipfoto a while ago.

A Notebook Is Indispensable

I love my notebook.
My new notebook. Blank pages.

I’ve only learnt about this event today and it’s the last day of the week. Maybe there’ll be another next year for all us lovers of the feel of paper and the flow of a pen. There must be some good alliterative and listing possibilities for poems on this theme. National Stationery Week are using the hashtag #NSW14 and their website is

By the way what trick do you use to remember the meaning/spelling difference between stationEry and stationAry? I always think E for envelope that reminds me that stationEry is paper and pens and paperclips, and stationAry is not moving.

National Stationery Week 31 March - 6 April 2014 logo

PS As I have also decided to set up on NaPoWriMo a week late for 30 poems in 30 days, I’m including this one for that too!

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