All the fireworks popping in the sky where I live makes me think what a stimulating time to be creating poems. So I’ve written a new poem for children for bonfire night that doesn’t appear in any of my books (since I wrote it today).

Choosing Fireworks

I bet
you’d like
a Confetti Canon
and a Crackling Comet.

I’m sure
you’d go for
a Jumping Jack
and a Flying Saucer.

I guess
you could handle a Sparkler
and get a thrill
from a Roman Candle.

And you’d feel
fine watching a Catherine Wheel
go round and round and round
wouldn’t you?

But what you don’t want,
you really don’t want,
because it’s definitely no good,
is a…


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Some other bonfire night poetry resources

And a Video about the origins

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