Photo Bernard playing guitarBernard is a guitar playing poet and has been writing poems and ‘songs’ since his early teens i.e. for ages! These days it’s still what he loves to do, but now he does it for a living. So he considers himself to be a very lucky man indeed.

Performances have been given in a variety of settings (from prisons to pubs, leisure centres to libraries, as well as colleges, schools, playgroups and supermarkets!). He has performed at many literary festivals including Hull, Ilkley, Lancaster and the Young Readers Birmingham Festival.

His poems feature in numerous anthologies of poetry for young readers (including The Works, The Poetry Store, Wizard Poems, Pet Poems, Family Poems, Space Poems, Spectacular Schools, How To Survive School, The Secret Life of Pants!) and have been broadcast on local and national radio and on BBC’s The One Show.

For more information about Bernard see:

2 thoughts on “Bernard Young

  1. Lovely site.. just to say many thanks.. our year 3 class really enjoyed your company. They sang their song all the way back to school.. Hope to see you again… Kind Regards


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