Trying to get in to the mind of a cat

Cat sniffing a hand

Nose and Finger

Does the odour
of last night’s
fish supper linger?

Have you got an itch?
The human touch?
Is that what you long for?

What can you smell?
Who are you singing
your purring song for?

New video ‘Zoot’ for National Poetry Day 4 October

In 2012, UK National Poetry Day is on Thursday 4 October.  The theme is STARS.  Be a star, read, write or buy some poetry.

New video ‘I’m a cat’

This is a new song, written to order. Cats are always a popular topic and this one seems to work well even with younger pre-school children.

Video of Traffic Jam

This is a poem that I do regularly as part of a school performance. It can go on a lot longer than this. Bet you end up humming it to yourself afterwards.

Video of Summer

Did some more recording at the weekend, and my good friend Karen has made another video for me. It’s a lot of fun making these and all with easily available equipment and software. Captures the warm weather, don’t you think?