Not one but four knots not for National Poetry Writing Month


4 Nots

1. Do not
get a knot
in your stomach.
Such stress will do you no good.

2. Do not
tie the knot
unless you are
100% certain you should.

3. Do not
forget to knot
each shoelace
or you might fall flat on your face.

4. Do not
tie yourself in knots
unless you are
an escapologist (or a masochist).

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Did a bit of beach combing this morning

broken bucket on a beach

A Point Of View

I’m saying it’s a bucket,
a child’s plastic sandcastle building bucket,
that’s been washed up on the shore.

Someone left it, lost it, or,
as summer drew to a close,
decided to chuck it.

The sea took it.
Knocked it around for a while.
Decided to give it back.

I didn’t kick it.

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2 poems and then I’m caught up with NaPoWriMo (day 9)

Model boat picture

New Arrival

Welcome to your home by the sea.
I know you won’t actually be
sailing on it. We can both agree
on that but I promise it is close by.
I can smell its saltiness and,
with the door open, hear it roar.
But it would make mincemeat, or
should I say… splinters, of you.

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It is hard to believe
that this sea can be rough.
The sun rose above it today.

And the obliging wind
sucked in its cheeks
and went away.

It was only days (not weeks)
ago that a storm lifted roofs
and brought chimneys down.

You wouldn’t think that could be so
if you left the beach, now,
and strolled through the quiet town.

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