Stop Look Listen: Today is World Listening Day


In honour of World Listening Day today, which has the theme of listening to water, I am adding this poem of mine originally posted on poloroidblipfoto on 1 June 2015.

Stop Look Listen

Stop, for a moment
Look how the rain sweeps across our view
Listen to the wind crashing against our window

Listen to the swoosh of tyres on the road below
Look at lucky us, warm and cosy with our mugs of tea
Stop for a moment, listen, look


The weather is turning to Autumn and a Poet must be prepared

man in mac with umbrella


“You look like a poet
who’s expecting rain,”
said the photographer
I bumped into
down Woodbrick Lane.

A Watery Poem for National Poetry Day (3 October 2013)

In preparation for National Poetry Day, my friend, Karen, has recorded me reading one of my poems, Puddles in the Playground from Double Talk, and turned it into a video, and here it is.

National Poetry Day 3 October 2013

National Poetry Day is an annual event.  This year the theme is Water.

If you’re a teacher, there are resources available to help you think about what you could be doing with your class or school here:

Also information on the Poetry Society’s website here:

Of course the way to really bring your lessons alive is to book a poet for the day.

Here’s a rondel from my book Wanted Alive, also available with a picture on

Something To Look Forward To

Someday the sun will shine.
We’ll step out and not get wet.
One day, but not just yet,
the weather will be fine.

That day will be yours and mine.
We’ll sunbathe. Joyfully sweat.
Someday the sun will shine.
We’ll step out and not get wet.

So don’t grumble. Don’t whine.
Don’t lose hope. Don’t fret.
Things will get better. You bet.

Look for an omen. A sign.
Someday the sun will shine.
We’ll step out and not get wet.