‘Light’ Poems at Tithe Barn Primary School (Heaton Mersey, Stockport) on October 5th

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I spent a great morning with a fantastic Year 6 class and their poetry loving teacher. I performed some of my poems and then got them writing. We kept to the National Poetry Day theme of ‘Light’ (which complemented the work they’d been doing in science).

As their teacher regularly gets them writing poetry I found they needed very little stimulus. I began with a short exercise based on the senses (e.g. If you could taste light what would it taste of? If you could hear it and it spoke to you what would it say? One answer was I’m faster than you!).

I then gave them a few writing options and suggestions to trigger their poems.

Light Bulb Moment – If you had a bright idea what would it be? What might you invent?

Trick Of The Light – I thought it was a…..(table?, tree? )
But it was a….(dog?, ghost?)

Lights Out – When the light goes
What lurks in the shadows?

Before lunch we managed to hear their new poems and fitted in a Q/A session where they asked me about writing and my life as a poet. A very satisfying morning. Thank you Tithe Barn for such a warm welcome. I left feeling quite light-hearted.

The Lightsaber Kid


The Lightsaber Kid

Open the lid
and out jumps
The Lightsaber Kid.

I want to call
the piece of tubing he uses
a Light Saver.

He calls it a Light Chamber.

He deflects bullets with it.


I made a vid
of him in action.
He liked it.

OK kid,
I said,
get back in your box.

So he did


This poem previously appeared on PolaroidBlipfoto.

Light is the theme of National Poetry Day 8 October 2015


A Light Verse

This hefty is a light verse
to substantial celebrate National Poetry Day.
I’ve massive included a few weighty words
cumbersome so that it doesn’t millstone float away.

A new poem on the theme of ‘Light’ to celebrate National Poetry Day on October 8th 2015


 Light Rain

Around 4 a.m.,
lamp-light lit,
heavy rain. I am

not the only one
awake. Un
less my neighbour, a

cross the road, has left
a light on
by mistake. I start

to fret
about his electricity
being wasted.

Maybe I should knock
on his door,
ring his bell? Get wet!

Ah, the rain the rain
I’m drifting off again
imagining myself

as keeper of the light,
a lighthouse keeper.
light sleeper.

National Poetry Day Thursday 8 October 2015

UK’s National Poetry Day, the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical, will mark its 21st birthday on Thursday 8 October 2015.

This year’s theme is LIGHT. Lesson plans and resources can be found on the National Poetry Day website here: http://www.forwardartsfoundation.org/national-poetry-day/resources/lesson-plans/

Here is one from me on that theme.

Image of bub copyright Bernard Young

Light Bulb Moment

you’re bright
white hot
turned on
tuned in
it’s a moment
of wonderment
and fulfilment
your filament
alive with electricity
you tingle
and something
goes ping
in your brain

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