Please make it stop!

Stop sign and England bunting copyright Bernard Young

Not wishing to alienate anyone, to balance my previous post, here is an anti-football poem.


Please make it stop
(Yes, I’m in a huff!)
It’s hardly got started
And I’ve had enough.

People are driving around
With flags on their cars.
It’s all over the TV
And blasting out from bars.

Someone has just told me
That it lasts for a month.
That’s bad news.
Grrr! Snarl!  Humpf!

Bernard copyright1


World Cup everywhere – everyone’s got football fever

Football fever copyright Bernard Young

Football Fever

I’ve caught football fever
Now I’m football mad
Football’s taken over
I’ve got football bad

Yes, I’ve got football fever
I thought I was immune
But I’m not sick as a parrot
Instead I’m over the moon

So I don’t need a doctor
I don’t need a pill
I’m not feeling awful
I’m not really ill

I’ve just got football fever
I’ve just gone football mad
I’m as crazy as my sister
As barmy as my Dad

We’ve all got football fever
Each one did succumb
But if you think we’ve got it bad
Wait till you meet Mum!

copyright notice

This poem is in my book “Brilliant“. If you are looking for other football poems, there’s a collection of poems with the same title as this in my anthologies section.