3 More Poems for NaPoWriMo – All About Cats

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Birds of a Feather

My cat
is old. All she
wants is food, warmth and a
comfy knee. My cat’s a home bird.
Like me.

Appeared on a poster a very long time ago.

The Boat’s Cat

I’m with the man in the hat.
I’m his lucky black cat.
He’d be sunk without me.

He was lonely on his long boat
though wouldn’t admit it.
He drank rum and slept in his coat
most nights. Woke
with a headache and stiff
neck most mornings.

I reckon he’d been deserted
way back
and sailed alone for a century.

I could see he was all at sea
and falling apart.

I decided to adopt him.

He’s a changed man now,
making a new start,
and I’m the key
that’s unlocked
his padlocked heart.

Originally appeared on blipfoto.com.

My Other Cat Was A Pig

I think he’s trying to ignore me
but unfriendly and moody he ain’t.

He likes his fuss does this puss.

Obviously he’s no saint
but one of the great things about him
is that he settles anywhere
I choose to take him
and will travel miles in the car
without complaint.

He can be a bit of a pest
when I’m reading or typing.
He walks all over the keys
and pjkhoijvlldijvllvhjviljjnb b ;hnd khgligijj.m

Originally appeared blipfoto.com.

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New video ‘I’m a cat’

This is a new song, written to order. Cats are always a popular topic and this one seems to work well even with younger pre-school children.