White cat crossing the road

Bank Holiday Lockdown

Why is this cat crossing the road?
Because he can.
It’s so quiet he doesn’t even
need to use the Green Cross Code.

In ‘normal’ times there’d be caravan
after caravan pouring in.
There’d be huge 4x4s, coaches, motorbikes,
cars with windows down and music blaring.

But in Wales we’re still locked down, which is why
this road is free from jams and noise.
Usually business would be brisk, takings high,
with us residents staying home by choice

and spending our weekend doing indoor things;
outside (too manic!) is for the visitors to enjoy.
The calm that the end of the holiday brings
is what we’d be longing for. But oh boy,

there’s a price being paid for the peace
we’re appreciating this year.
Though I think it’s wise not to ease
the rules still being enforced here.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, this cat
will once more be forced to watch his step
and we’ll again be feeling annoyed that
it’s far too busy and please can it stop.

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