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Latest Book

NEW BOOK! The Poetry Guide –
A How To Guide for Teachers and Librarians

Book_Cover2Written by Trevor Millum and Bernard Young
Illustrated by Twink Addison
Publication date: October 2020
Ages: 7+ years
Format: Paperback / 198 x 130 mm / 96 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912745-09-8
Rights available: World
UK retail price: £8.99
Publisher: Troika Books

To buy this book, please contact Troika Books or find on Amazon.

Older Books

Cover of What Are You Like Poems by Bernard YoungWhat Are You Like? (Orange Socks Press)

Published 23 February 2018. To order, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Over 80 tried and tested poems that Bernard regularly uses in primary schools for poetry performances and workshops. Collected together from four books and several anthologies, together with some previously unpublished. Funny, catchy, uplifting, foot tapping, hand clapping, in lots of verse forms and lengths. Something for everyone.

ISBN 978-1-9999173-0-2   Price £5.99 (+£2.00 P&P UK)

Image of cover of book WantedThe author still has a small number of the books below in stock (but the new book above has the best poems from them):

Wanted Alive (Hands Up Books 2004) – Discover who is Wanted Alive. Find out what The Magnificent Malone has been getting up to and just who’s got The Giggles. Become a pupil at The School for Daydreamers. Bernard often attends The School for Daydreamers and is also a frequent visitor to ‘normal’ schools. Some of those visits inspired some of these poems.

ISBN 095427105x      Price  £4.95 (+£1.80 P&P UK)


Image of cover of book Brilliant

Brilliant (Kingston Press 2000) – You’ll find poems about behaving brilliantly. And behaving badly! Poems about chocolate, robots and aliens. (Not to mention Great-Grandmother’s false teeth!). Find out what happens if you tease your sister. Discover who’s got green fingers. And is the referee the man to be? He thinks so.

ISBN  1902039084      Price £5.99(+£1.80 P&P UK)


Front cover of book Double TalkDouble Talk (Hands Up Books 2010) – This is a joint work with Trevor Millum

ISBN 978-0-9555589-4-8 Price £5.95 (+£1.80 P&P UK)


Bernard’s poems are feature in numerous anthologies of poetry for young readers (including Read Me at School, The Works, The Poetry Store, The Jumble Book,Wizard Poems, Pet Poems, Family Poems, Space Poems, Spectacular Schools, How To Survive School, The Secret Life of Pants!) and have been broadcast on local and national radio and on BBC’s The One Show.… A selection of anthologies in which his poems appear has been added to the website here.

Shouting at the Ocean (Hands Up Books 2009) – An anthology which includes several poems by Bernard, eg:

Love Is Blind

Under the mistletoe
my very short-sighted sister
and her extremely short-sighted boyfriend
take off their glasses
to kiss…

and miss.

Copyright Bernard Young

ISBN 9780955558900  £4.99 (+£1.80 P&P UK)


How to Order

If you want any copies direct from the author (including signed copies), please contact via the form below. Please include titles and numbers required and address that they will need to be delivered to and any message that you want included as part of the signed inscription (eg “Happy Birthday to Julie”). You will then be contacted with details of how to pay (and a quote for postage and packing if outside UK or ordering more than one book). If you haven’t had an email within a day, please check your spam box for a message from bernardyoungpoet (at) btinternet (dot) com. Please note if wishing to order more than a few copies, there may not be enough in stock. Any information added in this form will not appear as a comment on this page.

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